Showtime – SMILF

3 NYC Hot Spots

An apartment on wheels for all to see.

After working with Showtime on a highly successful relaunch of their series Twin Peaks, Showtime directed one of their agencies to collaborate with Sweeter to create a brand activation by designing a mobile set on one of our glass walled trucks from their soon-to-be hit series SMILF.

To promote the new series we created a completely immersive experience that included one-on-one dating advice with relationship experts from the feminist satire website Reductress, a photo booth for instant profile pics which were also posted on social media, sweet & savory treats of chocolate-covered bacon and Boston Cream doughnuts, and a full brand ambassador street team recruiting consumers to sign up for Showtime app subscriptions.

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Services Provided

  • Custom Built Out Glass Walled Truck – incorporating elements of a single mom’s apartment in Boston
  • Recipe Development – in the theme of “Boston meat market” we created the perfect chocolate dipped bacon strips on sticks as well as Boston Cream Doughnuts
  • Branded Packaging – included custom printed labels on bakery bags
  • Guerilla Marketing – targeting 3 high foot traffic areas throughout NYC
  • Mobile Wifi for guests to post their new profile pictures, generated by the onsite Photo Booth, on dating sites
  • Sweeter’s own Brand Ambassador Team – inviting guests into the brand activation experience
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