Food Giveaways & Packaging

There is such a thing as a free meal…or at least a free bite.

Have you ever witnessed one of Sweeter’s brand activations, seen the massive amount of guests that engage – at times to the tune of several thousand, if not more?  So, what is it that gets people to change course, stop what they are doing, where they are going and listen to what the brand has to say? It’s simple, FREE STUFF!!

Free food (and swag), often giving away thousands of items a day, is a highly effective way to stop people in their tracks, capture their attention and bring people together…giving pause for the brand to speak their message. Whether incorporating your product into something delicious or developing a recipe that delights the senses that aligns with your brand’s identity, Sweeter’s culinary team have done it all, and they love a challenge.

Reinforce the brand messaging with custom designed packaging, and there you have a combination that will leave an indelible impression, helping to foster a strong emotional connection and positive association with the brand.

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Food and your Brand.

When it comes to food and beverage giveaways, Sweeter can make magic happen on a sample size plate.  From packaged grab-n-go bites, to on site, freshly prepared samplings, Sweeter has done it on a scale that is worthy of a Michelin Star.

Where our culinary team truly shines brightly is when we collaborate with a food brand we are promoting to extend the food or beverage item we are highlighting. We do this by incorporating that item into a wide variety of unique creations, such as adding bourbon to a cookie, creating a boozy “bougie” ice cream, or serving a brand’s signature sauce into a savory sampling for guests to enjoy. Even if the brand we are collaborating with is not a food brand, often we have matched a food giveaway with a flavor or color profile that ties into the brand we are marketing.

A few of our more memorable food creation moments are when we have blown up the internet with instagrammable, hand decorated pizza cookies for Kate Spade, brought people to their knees with our 5-alarm chili promoting a FOX TV show, turned lips blue in Times Square with our outrageously delicious PayPal doughnut giveaway and had people feel like they’re walking on clouds by serving special edibles during NFT Week.   With food creations like this, imagine what we could do for your brand!

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