Mobile Marketing Tours

Around the corner or around the country - we can take your brand anywhere.

Consider the endless possibilities of taking your brand on the road, producing a promotional campaign by traveling to different markets around the country while creating brand awareness, buzz and excitement with consumers. What better way than bringing your brand’s message to the audiences that you want to target on one of Sweeter’s experiential vehicles.

Traveling to multiple cities, targeting specific events, shopping malls and or street locations where large numbers of consumers are present allows a brand to have direct interaction with consumers, builds brand recognition and brand visibility – while establishing a personal connection and stronger presence with the brand.

Mobile marketing tours are so much more than a branded vehicle. It is true that a branded promotional vehicle will be seen by thousands of potential consumers and brand loyalists, but more importantly is the aspect of product demonstrations and product sampling allowing the intended audience to experience the brand first hand and to provide feedback in real time, which can be invaluable for refining future marketing strategies.

Another key element of an experiential marketing tour is the social equity the brand will realize. It all starts with Sweeter’s team of tour managers and brand ambassadors – the consumer facing, representatives of the brand – who will make sure that everyone who engages has a memorable and positive experience that they’ll look to share with others that will last beyond the activation.

A well-executed mobile marketing tour will build on existing brand loyalty and create new brand loyalists, but mostly can be a highly effective way to target audiences in a dynamic and interactive manner – leading to increased brand awareness and sales.

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Road Trip!

  • Complete tour management – organizing the tour experience from start to finish
  • Experienced, talented tour managers – they drive the activation
  • Logistics – making sure all breadcrumbs are in order
  • Location scouting – we’ll bring you to where your targeted audience is
  • Permitting across the US – we’ve go this covered! We’ll get permission, if not, we’ll beg for forgiveness.
  • Local, curated staffing – If we haven’t already worked with them, we know how to find and vet them…
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Location Scouting & Permitting

Location, location…it’s always about location.  Permit experts who identify where brands will get noticed.