Photography & Videography

If it's not captured "on film", then the event never happened.

Would you allow Aunt Lucy or Uncle Phil to record your wedding day with an iPhone – probably not.  Why not let Sweeter’s talented skilled professionals, teams we’ve worked with for years who know how to shoot activations on the streets, capture key moments and interactions that will ultimately exceed the value of the activation itself.

Event success is measured in many ways ranging from making a PR splash, to information collection, to QR scans, to posting on social, but with the right photographer/videographer team clicking, capturing and posting, the annuity of the event lives beyond the activations end date.

Never more important than in today’s digital age, storytelling through a lens capturing the essence of people engaging while experiencing and interacting with a brand has never been of greater value while enhancing the brand’s image exposure and street credibility.

Engaging visuals help create a stronger emotional connection with your audience. They are more likely to remember and interact with content that includes compelling images and videos leading to increased brand recognition and recall.

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Why is Visual Content Crucial?

  • Captured content can be repurposed for:  PR reels, marketing materials, social media, websites, brochures and other promotional materials.
  • Consumer engagement and interaction are captured creating a story and a narrative that makes the brand more relatable, genuine and impactful.
  • The content is sharable well beyond the event on social platforms, exponentially increasing reach and visibility…not to mention providing fresh, engaging content to keep audience eyes where you want them…on the brand.
  • Documenting the event not only serves as an historical record, but also allows the brand to analyze the success, learn from it and generate buzz and anticipation for future marketing endeavors.
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