Brand Ambassadors and...

No wallflowers in this group - only shameless storytellers + a few heavy-lifters too!

Sweeter’s own curated team of brand ambassadors are a diverse and dynamic group of talented individuals who are adept at engaging with the target audience, delivering memorable brand experiences, and effectively promoting products or services during the activations we produce. Our enthusiastic and skilled staff are well-spoken and will be brand-knowledgeable and play a pivotal role in creating captivating and immersive events, leaving a lasting impact on attendees while building existing and future brand loyalty.

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Let's also give credit where it is due.

  • Security Agents – No square-badge “Mall Cops” here, only pros.  Hoping to never need them, but glad we have them if we do!
  • Tour Managers (our Road Warriors) – trusted troubleshooters, road-knowledgable, event oversight
  • Logistics Managers – they keep our events squarely on the road and from making any wrong turns.
  • Culinary Team – Chefs & Bakers – who doesn’t love these guys – creating tastes that engage the audience.
  • Support Staff – “The Glue”
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