Jovē Water – National Hydration Tour

Philly to Miami - and points in between

Jovē Water’s PR agency, CIIC PR, approached us to help them launch this new water brand to the public in Pennsylvania, Florida and Tennessee.  The Jovē Water Hydration Truck toured for 2 months to 11 cities and disseminated 27,000 one-liter bottles of water to thirsty guests right in the middle of the hot summer months.  Our incredible tour manager and local brand ambassador teams encouraged thousands of guests to scan a QR code on the side of the Jovē branded promotional truck in order to be entered into a contest to win a full year’s supply of Jovē Water, as well as other awesome branded swag. 

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Deep Hydration, 1 bottle at a time.

  • Location Scouting and Permitting in 11 cities
  • Logistics – receiving, storage and handling of 27,000 One-liter bottles of Jovē Water
  • Tour management – 8 weeks
  • Curated local brand ambassador teams
  • QR Code Scan and Custom Swag Giveaways
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1 liter bottles in the hands of new Jovē loyalists

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