Barbados Tourism

New York City and Boston

Who let the chicken out of the bag?  Before we pulled up, they were queued up – more than 600 strong in both Boston and New York City.  With Chefette’s team in the kitchen creating their “secret recipes” and our BA team on the ground, we managed to excite, engage and feed over 1000 guests per day delicious fried chicken – and if fried chicken wasn’t your thing, there was out-of-this-world roti too.  With less than 3 weeks to produce, Sweeter handled location scouting, multi-city permitting, procurement of specific “secret” ingredients, satellite prep kitchens, locating a super hard-to-find proprietary pressure fryer, custom installation/kitchen modification, security, on site AV, photography & videography and a super fun game of chance – giving away swag, JetBlue points – and, of course, a trip to Barbados! 

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Here's what we did.

  • Identified relevant high foot traffic areas within NYC and Boston and negotiated permits with the municipalities.
  • Located hard to find equipment, arranged a rental and temporarily installed onto one of our branded promotional trucks.
  • Procured all food (including logistics), kitchen equipment and arranged rental of prep kitchens in both markets.
  • Devised and implemented an on site spinning wheel contest to engage guests while they waited in line.
  • Brought in our own curated brand ambassador team to keep the crowd of guests excited and engaged throughout the entire experience.
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