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Too Faced Cosmetics was looking for an experiential marketing agency to help them amplify the excitement of their new product line and approached Sweeter to be their partner in launching Peaches & Cream cosmetics to the masses. To start, we were tasked with developing a custom-made ice cream flavor that tied into the new makeup “flavor”. After extensive recipe development with custom-branded packaging, we shipped out thousands of delicious Peaches & Cream ice creams across the US and Canada for in-store events at Sephora stores. Additionally, Sweeter’s design team created a super cool 1-pint cube container filled with the custom ice cream and shipped it to 550 beauty industry bloggers and influencers across the country which garnered lots of valuable attention on social media.  Needless to say, shipping ice cream across North America was an incredible fulfillment feat – can anyone guess how we did it?

We finished up the campaign with a special launch event in NYC, storming two Sephora locations with a branded food truck and 5,000 servings of Peaches & Cream ice cream in custom printed ice cream cups. And, in the end, thousands of women got to indulge in a sensorial experience of the new Too Faced Cosmetics line.

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Services Provided

  • Recipe Development – Custom Peaches & Cream Ice Cream for On-Brand flavor taste sensation
  • Branded Packaging – Printed Ice Cream Cups, Spoons and Napkins for In Store Brand Activations across the US & Canada
  • Creative Services – Custom Designed & Fabricated Ice Cream Pint Box for Influencer Shipments
  • Frozen Fulfillment – the Incredible Collaboration to Ship Ice Cream and have it arrive Frozen!
  • Permitting for Brand Activations at 2 NYC Sephora Stores
  • Staff – Brand Ambassadors, Security, Fulfillment, Support and Logistics – a well oiled machine from start to finish
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Influencers Enjoying Ice Cream and Promoting Too Faced Cosmetics


New Too Faced Peaches & Cream Lovers

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