NFT Week Venues near Times Square, NYC

We partnered with an NFT artist during NYC NFT Week,, to create a dynamic and engaging experience on the streets of NYC promoting his artwork and new venture,  Sweeter produced a branded truck that served passersby custom-made, branded sugar cookies with edible images of Taylor’s NFTs.  Some lucky NFT enthusiasts and followers of received custom printed skateboard decks, branded t-shirts and water bottles – and some even received a special “flower” to inspire the crowd.  It was Taylor’s first time showing his face in public after selling over $2.5 million worth of NFTs – nobody knew what he looked like, this was Taylor’s coming out party!  

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the puzzle pieces we put together

  • Negotiated placement in multiple locations near NFT Week activities
  • Delicious digitally printed NFT cookies for a thousand guests
  • Managed receiving, handling, inventory and dissemination of branded swag
  • Photography and Videography documenting the activation
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Custom Printed NFT Cookies

1 Brand Activation

Guerrilla Marketing near NFT Week in Times Square

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