Netflix – “EmergencyNYC”

NYC Hospitals

The Doctor is in!   If real life drama is what you are into, this NYC docudrama is a life and death (for real) must see.  Piggybacking off their original series “Lenox Hill”, the producers (through their agency) engaged Sweeter to create some buzz and to do a little “eye poking” with the competition over the premiere of the sequel, also filmed at Lenox Hill Hospital locations, “Emergency NYC”.  We branded one of our promotional trucks and set out to  stop at 2 of Lenox Hill’s main Manhattan campuses, as well as spend a little time in front of their chief rival – NYU Langone – to promote the show.  Sweeter passed out hundreds of delicious hot coffees in branded cups, branded bottles of water, custom branded koozies and delicious healthy protein bars…as well as little drama of our own, because activating in enemy territory never goes unnoticed.  Beside our massive mobile billboard (the truck), Sweeter employed AV equipment to play trailers from the show for all to see.  Doctors who starred in the series from each campus joined our crew on the truck to engage and serve guests, which proved to be a little less stressful than performing brain surgery on camera.

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Here's what we did.

  • Freshly brewed hot coffee served in hot cups with coffee sleeves and custom branded labels and granola bars.
  • Custom branded water bottles and keepsake Koozies.
  • Our own team of brand ambassadors who greeted guests and spread the word about the show’s premiere on Netflix.
  • Truckside flat screen monitor and audio system to play the show’s trailer.
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Bottles of Water and Granola Bars


Busy NYC Hospitals Treated (1 in Enemy Territory)

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