Experiential Brand Activations

We bring brands to life by any means necessary.

We specialize in mobile experiential event activations, pop-ups, agency stops, national tours, pedestrian plaza takeovers and more. Whatever you have, we will make sure it has a one-of-a-kind moment to match.

No matter the activation, whatever you've got to work with, we'll make more of it. We amplify and extend and expand. We'll make your activation bigger, bolder, deeper, broader, stronger, memorable-er, sweeter.

With or without Wheels:

Our Brand Activation Services Include

Branded Event Marketing

  • Brand Ambassadors & Street Teams
    Brand Ambassadors & Street Teams

    Our exceptional team of SWEETER brand ambassadors have been with us through many activations over the years. We've honed their skills - they are personable, engaging, outgoing, well-spoken, energetic and talented. Their job is to be on brand and to amplify your message in a way that captures the attention of your audience.

  • Branded Collateral & Custom Packaging
    Branded Collateral & Custom Packaging

    Whether it's branded packaging or a clever giveaway that will leave a lasting impression, we will take your creative vision (or design one for you) and produce anything from branded attire, collateral, food service items, signage, take-away bags...to other cool swag!

  • Branded Food Items
    Branded Food Items

    You don't have to eat your own words, watch others do it for you!  Printing on food items is a creative way to get your brand noticed. From printing on macarons or chocolate, custom hand decorated logo cookies, branded cupcakes & cake pops to hot iron stamped pancakes & buns, our baking team will make every bite of your logo or special message edible and super delicious!

  • Concept & Strategy
    Concept & Strategy

    Above all, we listen intently to your objectives and goals.  We will work together with you to strategically craft creative solutions and/or simply bring your own vision to life. Essentially, we are your storyteller and the story we tell will be an experience that is fun, powerful and relevant.

  • Creative Services
    Creative Services

    Sweeter's creative services and graphic design team can design just about anything. Not every client has the bandwidth or an in-house design capabilities to create art. Under your art direction, we can take our clients' visual assets and style guide and create unique, eye-catching designs. From there we can produce anything from branded attire, collateral and signage to custom build outs, vehicle wraps...and beyond.

  • Design & Fabrication
    Design & Fabrication

    Following our clients' vision, we can custom fabricate a multi-sensory experience.  Our team can design and build staging, structures, pop-up build outs, props, furnishings, audio/visual, lighting and even customize vehicles.

  • Event Production
    Event Production

    From concept to completion, we are partners, thinkers, overseers, doers, solvers, executors...we are producers.  With or without our wheels, we can bring your vision to life. This is what we do, we love it and we are awesome at it!

  • Experiential Marketing
    Experiential Marketing

    Experiences!  That's what it's about these days.  We are one of the very first companies to wrap a food truck with a client's brand and create a mobile experience that directly connects with consumers.  It's the most fun, engaging and relevant way to promote a brand!

  • Location Scouting
    Location Scouting

    Finding a location that has the right pulse and demographic is critical to event success. From city streets, parks and pedestrian plazas to indoor event spaces, SWEETER will assist in identifying the best venue to achieve our client's desired results.

  • Menu & Recipe Development
    Menu & Recipe Development

    Be it sweets or savory, our highly accomplished culinary team can create a menu or particular food concept to pair with any type of an event.  We can even incorporate our client's food or beverage into something unique and delicious to evoke that "WOW" moment.

  • Permitting

    SWEETER has the knowledge and expertise to obtain all necessary permits for the activations we produce, in any market. Be it Special Event, Department of Health, Department of Buildings or other permits...you don't have to worry, we've got this.

  • Photo Booths
    Photo Booths

    Capture the moment. For that Instagram moment or as a fun takeaway, our photo booths are a vastly popular, interactive event prop.

  • Photography & Videography
    Photography & Videography

    Our team of talented, skilled photographers and videographers will capture the essence of your event with stills or video which can be posted on social channels, produced into a short marketing/PR video or simply just to have.

  • Security

    In today's world, it's always good to have a little extra security. Headed by a former NYPD Captain, our NYC based team of former NYPD are credentialed, licensed and can provide coverage through a network that extends across the U.S.  They provide crowd control, celebrity protection and general oversight of our events.

  • Staffing

    Not only is our front-facing team important to an activation, equally so is the team behind the scenes.  Our support staff really make it all happen. Our team has the tools to work seamlessly together from load in to load out to produce flawless events.

  • Storage & Handling
    Storage & Handling

    If the activation involves the dissemination of client's merchandise or swag, we've got that covered.  We can receive, inventory, store and transport anything - dry, refrigerated or frozen.

  • Tour Management
    Tour Management

    Just like it sounds, when the activation hits the road, one of our highly experienced tour managers will get us there and back while ensuring the brand's message is on point and ultimately delivering results.

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Case Studies

Hold Attention Grabbing Branded Marketing Activations with Sweeter

At Sweeter, we know that engaging consumers in the marketing process is the most effective way to elevate a brand’s credentials and visibility. With over 25-years in the marketing and advertising industries, plus 12 years as talented event producers, we have refined the exciting process of helping brands create life-long, enthusiastic and loyal customers. We do this through innovative marketing brand activations that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Bringing Brands to Life Through Experiential Event Activations

Making an impression on consumers is our strength and our team is committed to helping brands bring their vision to life at every marketing touchpoint - connecting consumers to their message. As an experiential marketing agency in New York City, we utilize branded activations to help brands both market and advertise their products through interactive events.

We bring expert insight into creating unique experiences and moments out in the world that highlight what’s different and special about a brand. The branded marketing activations we produce invite consumers to enjoy a journey leading to purposeful purchases.

The Value of Experiential Marketing

Within the parameters of a traditional marketing campaign, a brand is too often showcased on a rather linear platform. Many companies rely on standard print, email, and digital campaigns to reach consumers.

At Sweeter, we function on a platform of engagement to reach consumers in a memorable way. Our expertise in event production allows us to provide branded event marketing experiences for our clients that are not only entirely customized, but also highly effective.

In a world where consumer’s attention is very much focused on instantaneous gratification, our branded experiential event marketing activations take things a step further. These experiential events ask consumers to step fully into the marketing experience and have all of their senses engaged in the process!

The beauty of branded activations is that they can create an atmosphere of spontaneity and excitement while still providing a very guided journey for potential consumers towards a product purchase. As consumers are busy interacting with product experts, speaking with brand representatives, and indulging in the overall experience, they’re simultaneously creating a personal connection with the brand itself.

The Sweeter team knows what people will do for “free” - free swag and free food - for that, we have seen people stand in monsoon-like conditions connecting to the brand that is giving out “free”. Far from a standard food truck that you’ll see working on the corner, our branded food truck experiences, with eye-catching, custom designed truck wraps, are there to deliver deliciousness while our clients’ food and non-food brands connect with consumers.

When it comes to creating successful marketing brand activations, Sweeter is a one-stop-shop for all marketing event needs. Potential is limitless for brands that partner with our team and will find that Sweeter provides resources ranging from street teams & brand ambassadors, security details, custom menus & recipe development, branded food & service items, build-outs & fabrications, permit acquisition, and much more - all items that make the process easy, seamless and relevant.

Innovative and Comprehensive Branded Event Marketing

Clients who work with Sweeter look to us to be an all encompassing , creative partner resource, handling every aspect, to make the most of their branded marketing events and will find that working with our team is an effortless, pleasant and seamless experience. Our highly skilled professional team of problem solvers finds ways to overcome any and all challenges to create the most relevant and attention grabbing engagement possible - the word “no” does not exist at Sweeter. We work closely with our clients to make sure that their products, services, content and overall brand’s message are meaningfully showcased calling the most attention to the brands we work with. Sweeter devises interactive and engaging ways to attract consumers - be it through eye-catching branded food trucks or other WOW-FACTOR promotional vehicles and or through sought after swag or delicious food sampling that is handed out by our own fun, highly energetic, brand knowledgeable, super-engaging brand ambassadors.

Brands understand and know their DNA better than anybody. Sweeter knows how to take that brand’s knowledge and amplify a clear and concise message to consumers, cutting through the inherent blinders brands sometimes have that hold them back from seeing a larger vision. Our team has the experience, dedication, and creativity to seamlessly bring a brand’s message to life. For our clients, having their marketing services handled by one company that provides an all-encompassing solution, not only guarantees the event will go smoothly, but that the brand message is always authentically, cohesively highlighted.

Making the Most of Mobile Events

Sweeter specializes in brand activations and promotions, but it’s our mobile event activations and pop-up options that really elevate the immersive experience. We’ve seen incredible success for our clients through the use of wrapped food trucks and vehicles that are eye-catching and always drive brand awareness to new heights.

Our engaging large-scale mobile events aren’t exclusive to food trucks, but extend to many mobile marketing platforms. We’re happy to help clients create their ideal marketing experience through the use of Airstreams, kiosks, glass walled trucks, custom convertible shipping containers, and even pushcarts - but it doesn’t stop there!

Experiential marketing is a versatile platform that connects consumers to brands anywhere, anytime - indoors or outdoors. For our clients that are looking to produce an event in an indoor setting, we can just as easily create a one-of-a-kind experiential activation in a brick & mortar retail pop up location, shopping mall or convention center where we could bring in our brand ambassador team or even orchestrate a complete, full scale buildout

Connecting Consumers with Brands They Love

Today, making a connection between consumer and brand, where there is a dialogue between both, is key to building brand loyalty. At Sweeter, we know that creating memorable marketing experiences is the first step in letting consumers know a brand is worth loving and that the brand is listening.

Whether it’s a one-day event or a national tour, we take time to help our clients create memorable experiences that not only highlight their brand but help consumers identify with its uniqueness. We don’t put limits on the possibilities and can include everything from promotional giveaways and live music to celebrity guests handing out delicious treats in order to grab consumer attention!

We look to awaken a person’s every sense and capture the attention and imagination of the targeted consumer, leaving a brand’s long lasting, indelible impression - so much so that they will recall that experience later on when they seek to find that particular product, a service, or specific content.

We find that delectable treats are a fantastic strategy for stopping passers-by in their tracks at the events we produce, even for our clients whose products are not food-based. Connecting a concept through a relatively inexpensive and delicious food giveaway is a sure way to attract attention while making a product memorable.

The Benefits of Working with Professionals

When it comes to the successful production of a marketing activation, partnering with Sweeter makes the process seamless. Sweeter provides a fully-integrated approach to creating experiences that capture the minds, attention, and imagination of consumers.

Our options are super scalable which gives our clients the versatility they seek. While our attention grabbing trucks are seen by thousands each day and create unsurpassed brand recognition at events, our turnkey marketing solutions mean our clients never have to worry about the details—we handle it all!

Customization guarantees that every branded activation we put together is one-of-a-kind. From customized menus to branded swag, we leave no detail unaccounted for which leaves our clients and consumers alike thrilled and looking for more.

The Sweeter Difference

When it’s time to begin planning your next marketing activation, Sweeter is here to help make it happen. We’re experts at what we do and place a firm focus on creating a customized experience at every turn.

Our clients rave about our attention to detail and how we prioritize superior customer service standards. We get to know our clients to make sure the marketing activations we produce are perfectly aligned with their goals. This collaborative approach has led us to building ongoing relationships and long-term clients who consistently turn to us to transform their marketing activation dreams into a reality.