Why Not Consider Experiential Marketing as Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Pop up shops. Temporary installations. Mobile events. All of these ideas bring the brand’s message directly to the consumer.  Today there are so many ways that you can use an experiential marketing strategy to make a splash and connect with your audience in a visceral way that traditional marketing misses. 

Experiential marketing has been around for years. Companies from Tinder to Nestle to Gatorade and HBO have all reached beyond the page and screen to connect with their customers in real life. Experiential marketing is a way you can stand out from your competition, connect with your customers, and create compelling content that you can use over and over.

So, why not consider experiential marketing as part of your marketing strategy?

5 Reasons You Should Consider an Experiential Marketing Strategy If You Haven’t Before

Still not sure? Here are five compelling reasons why an experiential campaign is right for your brand.

You will reach the micro-targeted audience that is most interested in your brand. 

Sensory overload, “advertising noise” has been mostly tuned out by Millennials and Gen Zs. They have been steeped in enough advertising that they have become difficult demographics to reach. . Experiential marketing events, through first-hand experiences, bring the brand’s message directly to the audience – hopefully making a connection that is invaluable and long-lasting.   

An experiential marketing strategy can fit within a wide latitude of budgets.

Creating a relevant, meaningful and attention-grabbing consumer experience does not mean a marketing professional has to deplete their entire marketing budget on one event. When working with a talented experiential company, there are endless creative solutions in getting the brand noticed. 

Brands that engage in experiential campaigns stand front and center from those they compete against. 

Today, it’s common for brands to have a social media presence and/or an email marketing campaign – some even tie back to a loyalty program. . It’s hard to differentiate a brand when utilizing the same tactics that other similar brands use.. If you want to make an impact and stand out, the “same old” is only part of the marketing solution and that’s why, thinking out of the box, in a non-traditional way separates a brand from the pack. Experiential can do just that.  The personal connection you can make through an experiential marketing campaign is priceless in differentiating yourself from your competition.

It will spark creativity.

Trapped within traditional, same old, pedestrian ways of promoting a brand are effective, but today, through experiential, there are far more choices to liven up a brand and the marketing team behind the effort. Working on an experiential marketing event requires collaboration that will spark new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Content will be created that can be used in the future.

Experiential events are, more often than not, eye-catching, had-to-be-there, not-to-be-missed moments.  So, it comes naturally that participants and passersby will pull out their smartphones to capture their experiences in photos and videos that get shared on their social media channels.  Setting up an event hashtag ahead of time and posting that with your handles allows participants to tag you and the event in their social media posts, which live on forever. All of this content can be mined at later dates for everything from social media posts to blogs to print marketing materials. 

Consider what an Outstanding Experiential Marketing Company can do for your Brand.

A talented experiential marketing company can bring consumers and brands together in a unique and powerful way.  We have the experience, the drive, and the creativity to create the relevant experience you are looking for to connect with your audience. From NY to LA, curb lanes, pedestrian plazas, or brick & mortar event pop-ups – with or without wheels – whatever you’ve got, we’ll take it, and make it sweeter.