Growth of Experiential Marketing in 2022

A global shutdown due to a pandemic took experiential marketing off the table for two whole years. It is kind of hard to have an immersive experience while social distancing, not touching anything, and not exposing yourself to anyone or anything. So much for “the experience.” 2022 seems to be bringing the world back into some sense of normalcy. Businesses can now hope to get back into the immersive game. So what will the growth of experiential marketing in 2022 look like?

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Think of having all of your senses fully engaged in a positive way while also highlighting one specific brand. That’s experiential marketing. Remember the Pepsi/Coke blind taste test challenge? Experiential marketing. When a business hits the streets to connect directly with its targeted audience, that’s experiential. 

And in 2022, it looks to be alive and well, maybe even more than before as many people are eager to rush back into their lives and have emotionally rich, socially engaging experiences. This return to normal is a real opportunity to garner attention for your business. 

Goals of Experiential Marketing: 

  • Personalized Engagement
  • Strong Connections

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

Some of the benefits of experiential marketing are obvious. Others, less so. 

Brand Awareness – of course, when you get out into the real world and personally connect with your consumer, you raise awareness of your brand. 

Brand Loyalty – If you do experiential marketing right, you will grow a tremendous amount of loyalty from your customers. One of the key goals of this type of marketing is to make an emotional connection. If the connection to the consumer is viewed as relevant, the relationship becomes solid and long-lasting. There is no better way to do that than the brand speaking directly to its audience. Once you strike that emotional connection, you’ve got a consumer for life. 

Product Awareness – People are creatures of habit and tend to resist “the new”. . Breaking those existing habits is a challenge. But what better way than with the consumer directly experiencing what the brand is all about.   

Social Equity  – The experience that consumers have with a brand is exponentially magnified through social media.  A voice of one becomes a voice to many, which in today’s environment is highly influential within certain demographics.   

Lead Acquisitions – When positioned properly, through direct interest or need, or through incentivizing, making a connection through a call to action – a QR scan, downloading of an app, text-to-number, or other ways – is a powerful first step in building a platform in which the brand can later connect with the consumer. The idea of a consumer-first expressing interest, experiencing what the brand offers, and then bringing that connection full circle is the beginning of a lasting relationship.  

With so many potential benefits to just putting your business out there for consumers to connect with, you cannot deny that experiential marketing is critical for all companies hoping to build brand awareness and loyalty. 

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