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  • 2 Major Cities
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The FT joined forces with SWEETER to create a buzz around their new platform - The New Agenda. The FT, looking to increase brand awareness and readership base in two of the most influential cities in the US, New York City and Washington DC, launched a fully branded promotional food truck on an 8 day tour. Our NYC based team, consisting of event producers and brand ambassadors, introduced the FT's New Agenda to over 10,000 existing and potential new brand loyalists. At strategic locations, our BAs engaged with commuters about the FT's new platform and signed up new subscribers while treating them to a hot coffee and delicious & healthy zucchini bread and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. This activation proved to be as tasty-er as it was relevant-er for the FT.

Services we Provided

  • Brand Ambassadors & Street Teams
    Brand Ambassadors & Street Teams

    Our exceptional team of SWEETER brand ambassadors have been with us through many activations over the years. We've honed their skills - they are personable, engaging, outgoing, well-spoken, energetic and talented. Their job is to be on brand and to amplify your message in a way that captures the attention of your audience.

  • Branded Collateral & Custom Packaging
    Branded Collateral & Custom Packaging

    Whether it's branded packaging or a clever giveaway that will leave a lasting impression, we will take your creative vision (or design one for you) and produce anything from branded attire, collateral, food service items, signage, take-away other cool swag!

  • Concept & Strategy
    Concept & Strategy

    Above all, we listen intently to your objectives and goals.  We will work together with you to strategically craft creative solutions and/or simply bring your own vision to life. Essentially, we are your storyteller and the story we tell will be an experience that is fun, powerful and relevant.

  • Event Production
    Event Production

    From concept to completion, we are partners, thinkers, overseers, doers, solvers, executors...we are producers.  With or without our wheels, we can bring your vision to life. This is what we do, we love it and we are awesome at it!

  • Experiential Marketing
    Experiential Marketing

    Experiences!  That's what it's about these days.  We are one of the very first companies to wrap a food truck with a client's brand and create a mobile experience that directly connects with consumers.  It's the most fun, engaging and relevant way to promote a brand!

  • Location Scouting
    Location Scouting

    Finding a location that has the right pulse and demographic is critical to event success. From city streets, parks and pedestrian plazas to indoor event spaces, SWEETER will assist in identifying the best venue to achieve our client's desired results.

  • Menu & Recipe Development
    Menu & Recipe Development

    Be it sweets or savory, our highly accomplished culinary team can create a menu or particular food concept to pair with any type of an event.  We can even incorporate our client's food or beverage into something unique and delicious to evoke that "WOW" moment.

  • Permitting

    SWEETER has the knowledge and expertise to obtain all necessary permits for the activations we produce, in any market. Be it Special Event, Department of Health, Department of Buildings or other don't have to worry, we've got this.

  • Photography & Videography
    Photography & Videography

    Our team of talented, skilled photographers and videographers will capture the essence of your event with stills or video which can be posted on social channels, produced into a short marketing/PR video or simply just to have.

  • Security

    In today's world, it's always good to have a little extra security. Headed by a former NYPD Captain, our NYC based team of former NYPD are credentialed, licensed and can provide coverage through a network that extends across the U.S.  They provide crowd control, celebrity protection and general oversight of our events.

  • Storage & Handling
    Storage & Handling

    If the activation involves the dissemination of client's merchandise or swag, we've got that covered.  We can receive, inventory, store and transport anything - dry, refrigerated or frozen.

  • Tour Management
    Tour Management

    Just like it sounds, when the activation hits the road, one of our highly experienced tour managers will get us there and back while ensuring the brand's message is on point and ultimately delivering results.

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